Drs. Dietrich, McLean & Associates -
Clinic Services
We provide a wide variety of clinical services, as described briefly on this page. For more detailed information on services provided by specific clinicians at our clinic, please visit their individual pages by clicking on their names in the menu to your left.
Populations Served
Individuals (adults & teens), Couples, and Families
Treatment Services
Our clinicians provide treatment for a wide variety of clients with a range of difficulties or challenges, and for those who just need someone to talk to in confidence. We are unable to provide free consultations.
Evidence- based and alternative treatments (when requested) are provided for adults dealing with anxiety, posttraumatic stress, trauma, depression, dissociation, relationship problems, health concerns, adjustment problems, work related issues, return to work planning and support. Supportive counseling and psycho-educational sessions are available for individuals, families and parents.
Dr. McLean provides services for youth and teens who are struggling with trauma histories, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, substance use, self-injury, academic and peer-related problems as well as issues ranging from parent-teen conflict to more severe youth conduct problems. She also provides cognitive behavioural therapy for adults, and provides return-to-work treatment for persons on leave from work.
Dr. Dietrich and Dr. McLean provide couples counseling.
Family Therapy:
Dr. McLean works with families. 
Assessment Services
Employment-related Assessment
Dr. Dietrich conducts assessments related to employment, including disability assessments, WorkSafe BC (Worker's Compensation) 
assessments, return to work assessments, and assessments related to harassment or bullying at work.
Suicide Risk Assessment
Our clinicians routinely assess for risk of suicide.
Diagnostic Assessment
Drs. Dietrich and McLean provide diagnostic assessments for adolescents (Dr. McLean) and adults (Dr. Dietrich).
In BC, only psychiatrists and psychologists are legally permitted to diagnose psychological or psychiatric disorders.
Cognitive and Psychoeducational Assessment
Dr. McLean provides cognitive and psycho-educational assessments.
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Dr. Dietrich often conducts assessments for psychological injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents (MVA), including ICBC claims. She also conducts treatment for MVA related psychological injuries.
Medical-Legal Assessment
Dr. Dietrich is qualified as an expert in the area of posttraumatic stress and related disorders and issues, as well as risk of violence and sexual violence assessments in BC and in Washington State.
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