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Barb N. Aronchick-Zachernuk, MA, MEd, RCC, RPTSCPT

Tel: (855) 730-0987

Human beings are complicated- and so often we attempt to reach out to others using words to express our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviours. With children/youth, we see additional communication barriers because of fewer words and limited life experiences. Being part of a family system should bring safety and emotional support to each family member, but sometimes the family, on its own, cannot do this. This is my work- we become partners in the process of change- discovering strengths, and building on them.

Since words alone do not always tell the full picture, I use my additional training in Play Therapies, Art, Drama, and movement to help clients and myself see what the misunderstandings, pain, confusion, and grief are about. Together we explore how they appeared and ways to more positively manage them.

Beyond my formal education, I have worked in schools, institutions, agencies, foundations and private practice. Having worn the hats of teacher, special needs advocate, workshop and group leader, mental health worker, consultant - I have learned the value of creating relationship first, and allowing the client to lead the process.

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