Drs. Dietrich, McLean & Associates -
Dr. Holly McLean, R.Psych (BC #1904)
Dr. McLean has office hours Monday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment, use the ‘Contact Us’ form on this site or call the office at (604) 247-2333, extension 2.
Dr. McLean is a Registered Psychologist who has training and experience working with adolescents and adults with a history of trauma and other difficulties, supporting those individuals and their families.
She offers therapy to individuals, families and parents. Dr. McLean specializes in helping youth struggling with attachment and other psychological issues, substance use, self-injury, academic and peer-related problems as well as issues ranging from parent-teen conflict to more severe youth conduct problems.
She provides individual psychological, cognitive and psycho-educational assessments. Dr. McLean also offers training and education for biological and foster parents, and is available for consultation for counsellors and other professionals.
Dr. McLean received her doctoral degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and has worked both in research and teaching at UBC. Her dissertation focused on the experience of spouses of traumatized soldiers and she has a special interest in supporting military families.
Dr. McLean is an approved provider through Pacific Blue Cross and is available for follow-up with participants of the Veteran's Transition Program (VTP) and their families. For further information about the Veteran's Transition Network and VTP, access their website at www.vtncanada.org.
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