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Funding options are available when certain circumstances apply. The following list is not exhaustive, and other funding may be available from other sources.
  • Victims of Crime or Childhood Sexual or Physical Abuse. The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) in BC may provide funding for treatment for individuals who have been traumatized or experience other psychological injuries from being victims of crime. This may include victims of violence, sexual violence, and other criminal acts perpetrated against you. Included are adults who were sexually abused as children or physically abused as children after 1970. For more information, visit the Crime Victim Assistance Program website. Individuals who receive funding for treatment through the Crime Victim Assistance Program should bring the letter they receive from the program, which will indicate the claim number and the number of hours approved for treatment. Dr. Dietrich will bill the program directly
  • Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) - Post MVA Psychological Injuries. For those who are funded by ICBC, fee arrangements and terms are usually made between Dr. Dietrich and your lawyer or an ICBC adjuster. If you have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident and have symptoms arising from the accident, you may wish to contact your lawyer or your adjuster to see if you are eligible for treatment funding.
  • Worksafe BC Claims
  • Pacific Blue Cross. Those who have coverage through Pacific Blue Cross (e.g., Canadian Forces; Veterans Affairs; RCMP) must bring their identification card so Dr. Dietrich can obtain approval to provide services. 
Dr. Dietrich is a registered provider with the Crime Victim Assistance Program, Residential Historical Abuse Program, Pacific Blue Cross (R.C.M.P., Department of National Defence, Veterans Affairs), and others.
If psychological services are covered in whole or in part by an organization not mentioned here and you are not sure if you are covered, please discuss this with Dr. Dietrich or your insurer.
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